By Brian

Closed-circuit television is a system of video feeds within a closed system that is available strictly to authorized users only. Installing CCTV systems enhances your home security and protects your business. There are two general types of CCTV systems, indoor/outdoor home CCTV system, and commercial CCTV system.

Indoor/Outdoor Home CCTV Systems

Home CCTV systems are installed within the residence to enhance your security and protect your family. CCTV cameras are set up both indoor and outdoor to monitor what goes on around your home and act as a visual deterrence against intruders.

Advancement in internet technologies and the availability of reliable and relatively cheap mobile devices has made remote monitoring a reality. It does not matter where you are as you can always see what is going on in your residence. You can go on holiday with your mind at ease as your CCTV system is always running and recording.

With the ability to record up to a month’s footage and even much more when the system is set to motion-activated mode, installing this system is a smart investment. The remote viewing options are also relatively easy to set and view. The system sends notifications straight to your mobile devices when it is triggered.

Commercial CCTV System

A robust CCTV system is an important consideration when it comes to a business’s security system. It helps you to protect your customers, employees, and assets by deterring criminal elements from your premises. The system also records valuable footage that can be used in insurance claims and the identification of criminals in case of theft or vandalism.

Businesses and organizations are investing in digital CCTV cameras as they become more affordable. Managers can monitor the daily happenings in their premises in real-time. This system also eliminates the need to travel to remote sites as you can preview the sites from the comfort of your home or office. It also helps you monitor your business floor space and keep a closer eye on your employees.

What Types of CCTV Cameras are Available?

There are currently a wide variety of CCTV cameras in the Australian market. We have compiled the best five to help you choose the best fit for your security needs.

  •  Dome CCTV Cameras – these are the most common in today’s market. They are housed in a dome shaped structure hence their name. They are generally unobtrusive, can zoom and tilt, and are ideal for the business setting.
  •  High-Definition HD CCTV Cameras – used for stronger surveillance needs, these cameras have great zooming capabilities and allow the business owner to capture quality images. They are mostly used in banks and casinos.
  •  Day/Night CCTV Cameras – suited for business premises, these cameras operate both in normal and poor lighting. They capture a wide range of images 24 hours a day.
  •  Bullet CCTV Cameras – have a long, cylindrical shape and capture images from fixed locations. They cannot tilt or zoom in and are best for indoor use where they are mounted on the wall or ceiling.
  •  Wireless CCTV Cameras – have a wide variety of uses since they are flexible to install and do not have to be IP-based.

Other options when shopping for CCTV cameras include infrared and C mount CCTV cameras. With so many options in the market, you should talk to a skilled CCTV security system professional to make an educated decision.

Do You Need CCTV Installation in Melbourne?

Buying and setting up a CCTV system for your business or home security can be hectic. From choosing the right system that meets your security, protection, and budget requirements to system installation, the whole process can be daunting. Here at Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors, our goal is to help you make that decision easy and ensure the whole process is smooth. We ensure your experience of CCTV installation in Melbourne is as hustle-free as possible.

Get in touch with our highly skilled professionals and we will advise you on the best CCTV security system to install in your home or business premises. We offer the friendliest service at the most affordable rates in Melbourne. Call us today at 03 9532 0681 for customized solutions to your security needs and other general electrical services.