Are you building a new home or considering renovating?

Then now is the perfect time to prepare for home theatre, home audio/ visual, home automation and multi room audio systems. Fisher Brothers Electrical home audio and visual team has the experience and expertise to assist in the consultation, design, supply and installation.

New construction allows for an optimal design of your home theatre because we are able to place speakers within your room in the correct positions. This can have a tremendous effect on the overall sound quality and impact of a movie viewing experience. Being able to design a home theatre or multi room audio system from scratch allows not only for correct speaker positioning but also for an opportunity to include sound proofing and treatment to walls and ceilings.

Great sound is one of the most important parts of your home theatre or home audio experience, and our clients rely on us to deliver the best composition of audio. Achieving a balance between the impacts required to create the initial wow factor through to simply enjoying your music throughout the home in any room inside or out that your heart desires.

Fisher Brothers Electrical home audio & visual team will tailor a package to suit your requirements as we appreciate the need to combine the technical design of the audio system to best fit within your budget.

Design and installation of a great home theatre or multi audio system requires professionalism and experience, Fisher Brother’s Electrical Audio Visual team prides themselves on our ability to deliver on every installation.