If you enjoy working with people who are practical, put your safety first, and that truly believe every customer matters, then FISHER BROTHERS ELECTRICAL is the place for you.

We are a strong and successful family owned and operated Australian company, and we offer opportunity generated by our strong and exciting business strategies.

We only look to recruit the very best people and we have a strong track record in growing our own talent into more senior roles within our company.

The attractive pay and benefits are only part of the story.


Our recruitment process revolves around the premise of selecting the right people based on ability and merit. We give all applicants the opportunity to give us information on why they believe they could successfully perform the tasks required and become part of the FISHER BROTHERS ELECTRICAL team.

Generally, all job applicants are asked to complete an online application and will then participate in a telephone interview.

Shortlisted applicants would then have a face to face interview with the recruiting manager followed by reference checking. Depending on the role being applied for, applicants may also be asked to participate in other selection activities, such as assessments and/or background checks.

If you are successful in being appointed to a role, we will initially make you a verbal offer, followed by a formal letter confirming the offer and the details of the role. The letter will include information on accepting the offer and the details of the role.

The entire process is confidential and we keep applicants informed of the next steps throughout the selection process.


Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors is a family owned business that specializes in all types of electrical works, ranging from large scale Project works to simple home maintenance and repairs.

We work alongside of some of Melbourne’s elite builders, businesses and have an every growing very loyal client base made up of Victorian families.

Our work is extremely varied and requires lots of hard work and training which our directors and management take very serious and ensure the best possible training.

So if you think you have what it takes to be part of the time, apply for a position now.


Our goal is to offer the best quality of service, which always meets our customers’ needs more effectively than our competitors.

We acknowledge that the contribution of all company members contribute to its overall success. We have a climate that emphasises directness, openness to new and innovative ideas, personal accountability and the recognition of individual and team achievements.



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