By Brian

Our homes are filled with a lot of things that can catch fire. Some common household items include stoves, ovens, and fireplaces. When these appliances malfunction, they can cause fires very quickly.

Therefore, it’s important to have smoke alarms installed in your home. In this blog post, we are going to look at the different types of smoke alarms, maintenance tips, and who to call when you want one fitted in your home.

Types of Smoke Alarms

If you are looking for a Smoke Alarm Installation in Melbourne, below are some types of smoke alarms you should consider.

Ionization Smoke Alarm

Ionization smoke alarms work by detecting fast-moving particles which come from fires caused by small items such as cooking oil or burning paper.

Optical Smoke Alarm

Optical smoke alarms work by detecting large particles which come from fires caused by larger items such as furniture. Optical Alarm smoke alarms are best for homes that use a fireplace or wood-burning stove to heat the home.

Heat Smoke Alarm

Heat alarms use a heat sensor to detect any fires around the house. These types of smoke alarms are best for homes that have enclosed rooms such as garages and attics which can cause items to catch fire due to excess amounts of dust, insulation, or fiberglass.

Battery Smoke Alarms

Many smoke alarms run on batteries that need to be changed once a year if you see the low battery indicator flashing red. This means there may not be enough power for the alarm to work when needed.

Mains Alarms

Mains-powered smoke alarms work by using an electrical current from the house wiring to power their battery. However, if there is a loss of electricity in your home, these types of alarms will not protect you and your family while they are asleep.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Tips

Change Alarm Batteries

If you have an alarm that uses a battery, then it is best to replace the battery immediately the low-battery indicator starts flashing red. It’s also important not to paint or cover your smoke alarm in any way as this can prevent the sensor from working properly.

Test the Smoke Alarm regularly

Smoke alarms should also be tested monthly by pushing the test button on it and holding it for a full minute until you hear a loud siren sound. This ensures that if there is ever an actual fire, then the alarm will work and alert everyone to the danger.

Vacuum Your Smoke Alarm

Your smoke alarm might be trapping dust particles that could cause it to stop working properly. All you will need is a vacuum with an attachment tool. Simply take the attachment and place it over your alarm, then turn on your vacuum for a few minutes while pointing the hose towards the alarm. This will remove any debris or dirt which may have been trapping particles inside the alarm and causing it to malfunction.

Customer Service

It is our belief that every client is supreme and as such we offer first class services. We understand that for us to be able to resolve customer issues effectively, we must listen to them carefully.

Our electricians are always ready to pay close attention to the needs of our clients. We are always dedicated towards offering effective and lasting solutions to our client’s needs. When you engage with our services, you will surely get value for your money.

Why Call Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors?

Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors are the best when it comes to smoke alarm installation and inspection. They will check every aspect of your alarms during a routine visit, such as checking for dust build-up, damaged wires, and faulty connections.

If you have an older style battery-operated alarm, they can easily be replaced with a main powered alarm with a battery backup.

They also have new technology alarms such as heat and motion detectors which can protect your home in different ways. Smoke alarm installation is something that should always be done by a professional. If there ever comes a time where you need to change an alarm then make sure it’s changed by someone who knows what they are doing, like Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors.