By Brian

Fisher Brothers Electrical is a company in Melbourne that has specialized in all kinds of electrical works that include large scale projects as well as minor home repairs and maintenance. The company aims to offer the best quality service which satisfies the customer’s needs in a more effective way than any other company. The services they offer are guaranteed to be safe and secure and of high quality.

Types of services offered by domestic electricians Melbourne

Digital TV antenna installation

Fisher Brothers Company has specialized in digital TV installations. The professionals help ensure that a client’s television set is working in a proper manner and is receiving the right data. The professionals in the area always guarantee that the work is done in the right manner which helps avoid the loss of data or any other problems associated with the installation of the TV antennae. The staff at the company are very competent and experienced at their work. They offer quality TV antenna installation and require no supervision.

Home theatre and audio installations

This is another service offered by most domestic electricians Melbourne. This kind of service is usually ideal for new homeowners or those looking to renovate their homes. Fisher Brothers Electrical comes with the much-needed experience and expertise at advising on the design and installation of home theatres and other audio devices in a home. They can put the speakers at the right positions which improve the overall sound quality. They also help in soundproofing and offer treatment for the walls and ceiling. Most clients in Melbourne rely on the company to offer them the best audio composition.

Home automation installation

This is a kind of service that domestic electricians in Melbourne offer to their clients. Fisher Brothers Electrical aims to bring the latest and modern technology to homes of their clients. This is also to offer a cost-effective solution to home systems with comfort, security, convenience, and saving of energy in their minds. These systems include automatic lighting, heating and cooling systems, alarms and CCTV cameras. The company has a team that is skilled and experienced to deliver this kind of service.

Electrical wiring

The right electrical wiring is very essential to any home.  Fisher Brothers Electrical company offers the installation to the home systems to enhance the security and protection of electrical appliances. The experts usually install inter-linked circuits that are not dependent on one another. This ensures that if one fails, all the others are not affected.


Intercoms are another important aspect of safety and security at home. Fisher Brothers Electrical install intercoms for their clients which helps them know who’s at the front door of a home. Intercoms enable access control by simply using the touch of a button inside a house. The company has partnered with suppliers of intercom systems that are of the best quality.

When looking for a domestic electrician Melbourne, it is important to go for an experienced electrician with years of service in the field. The staff at Fisher Brothers Electrical are very competent and qualified at their work. They offer the best quality work in the whole of Melbourne.