By Brian

Whether you have just bought a new home or live in an old house in Melbourne, it is vital to ensure your family and properties are protected from fire. Most people often get comprehensive insurance coverage to get compensated when a fire occurs, and you might have a similar plan. But that is not all. You need to invest in smoke alarm installation as well.

A smoke alarm is a device that gives off a signal to inform you of a fire outbreak, smoke, carbon monoxide and other similar dangers. When you hear the horn, buzzer, or siren, you will act fast by using a fire extinguisher or run to a safe area. Most smoke alarm systems today have outstanding features so, you are sure of getting the protection you require.

Why Is It Essential to Get a Smoke Alarm?

If you have not installed a smoke alarm before, you might be wondering if the investment is worth it. The truth is that every property, be it commercial or residential, should have a smoke detector, and here is why:

They offer early warnings – Whenever a smoke alarm detects smoke or a fire, it emits an audible sound. This can come in handy if you are not in the same room or area where a fire is starting. This early warning will give you time to respond quickly or remove yourself away from the building. This way, you will be safe and avoid inhaling carbon dioxide.

They facilitate remote fire monitoring – Another advantage of smoke detectors is that they connect you with fire experts. Once the smoke alarm installation work is complete, you can link up the system with a fire emergency unit so they can dispatch professionals immediately after the smoke alarm gives a warning. This will come in handy if you cannot make the distress call or are away from your premises.

Other additional benefits include reduced insurance premiums, low property damage risks, and easy maintenance.

Why Should You Get Experts to Install Your Smoke Detector?

The effectiveness of your smoke detector is determined by the installation so, it is advisable to get professionals to handle the work on your behalf. At Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors, we specialize in smoke detector installation in Melbourne and are known for offering the best service. 

Here is why you should assign the project to us.

You Are Required by Law to Get a Professional

Currently, Australian law imposes strict regulations that must be followed when installing a smoke alarm. For instance, older homes may use battery-operated smoke detectors, but new ones must have alarms hardwired to the main power supply. Since such tasks involve electrical work and could be potentially dangerous, property owners need to get seasoned electricians to handle the task. Our team of electricians is competent in smoke alarm installation and will follow the instructions the manufacturer recommends to the latter. This way, you will keep everyone safe and avoid paying fines for not complying with the laws and regulations.

You Will Get Recommendations for the Best Device

When you do a quick online search for smoke alarms, you will come across many products. Choosing one product from the many will not be easy if it is your first time. Consider working with seasoned experts like us to avoid getting confused. We can help you pick an alarm that meets your safety requirements and government standards. This will be less stressful as you will not need to go through the long list of approved alarm companies in the market today. Besides, our company has links to the best manufacturers, so we will get you the best deal, helping you save money.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Choosing the Installation Location

Buying the best smoke detector the market can offer doesn’t mean you’ll get the required protection. If the gadget is installed at the wrong location, you will not get an early warning when a fire occurs. At Fisher Brothers Electrical, we have helped many Melbourne customers find ideal locations for installing their smoke alarms. We will ensure the device is not placed near heaters, fans and air conditioners as these systems affect the system’s performance. Also, we will not place the device in a bathroom or kitchen as the cooking fumes and steam can interfere with the alarm.

So, contact Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors the next time you need to install a smoke alarm. Our services are reliable and come at a reasonable price. Besides, you do not want to risk your costly business or residential investment on poor installation or a wrong or faulty device.