By Brian

You have probably dreamt of having an unparalleled-looking yard at some point or you have already got one. However, these exemplary views should not disappear with the setting of the sun. With the flick of a switch, outdoor landscape lighting can bring your space to life at night.

To achieve the best views of your outdoor space at night, you must adopt the best lighting design. This is where Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors comes in. Fisher Brothers take into account all the areas and features in your garden to help you transform it into an inviting oasis at night.

What type of lighting do you wish to achieve in your outdoor space? Is it a “secret garden” effect? Our team of experts will find ways of creating shadows and silhouettes to achieve this.

Lighting of focal points such as BBQs, swimming pools, and gazebos can also be achieved within your outdoor space through functional lighting. Dramatic visual effects such as lighting the contours of a tree, shrub, or even stone walls can create quite an aesthetic space at night.

This process of creating an exemplary outdoor lighting design calls for experienced attention. Our highly-trained team of professionals can work with you to incorporate your ideas and theirs into achieving one goal; To satisfy our customers beyond their expectations.

Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors will provide you with the best high-quality lighting fixtures and components that are reliable and come with energy-saving benefits that suit your budget and home.

Types of Outdoor and Garden Lights


Includes posts with canopies 18-24 inches off the ground that reflect lights onto your planting beds. They can also be installed along walkways to act as markers.


These are made of long, cylindrical, and compact fixtures that are fitted with bulbs to project a narrow beam of light. They are good for upward lighting of tree trunks, garden structures, and stone walls.


They throw out a soft, scattered (spread out) light. This ability to disperse light over large areas is ideal for use with flat surfaces such as garden walls and privacy fences.


As the name well suggests, these lights are usually buried in the ground. It is made up of a waterproof housing that protects and hides the bulb from natural elements and other destructions.

The applications include lighting the underside of plant foliage or grazing the base of a facade.


Down-light lighting fixtures are usually installed high overhead on either tree trunks or branches to achieve the effect of real moonlight. The bulbs are housed by a cowl-shaped shroud to prevent a side glare.


They are like bullet lights but cast a wider beam that is brighter than that of a wash light. The fixture is fitted with a collar to eliminate side glare. They are used in the lighting of wide and tall facades.

Selection of Lights for Outdoor Spaces 

  • Trees; well, flood, bullet, or down-light. Installation of a ground light should be such that the light bathes the trunk too to remove a hanging effect of the foliage. Installation of downlights should be high above in the tree and the beams should not overlap.
  • Planting beds; Use a garden light. The fixtures should be well apart (not less than 20 feet). The effect leads your eye from one plant to another.
  • Garden walls; Well, flood, or bullet lights. Fixtures are positioned close to the ground to bring out the textures of the shrubs.
  • Home facade; Wash and bullet lights. Bullet lights are installed near the edges and aimed at the corners of your house while wash lights are installed in between them to fill any remaining spaces.
  • Focal points; bullet, flood, or well lights. Elements such as pools, fountains, or arbors require attention. Aim two or more lights at them to achieve this.

Who to contact for outdoor garden and landscaping lighting in Melbourne

Fisher Brothers Electrical carries out other outdoor light installation services such as repairs, installation of ducting to protect the cables running underground, and installation and mounting of connection boxes.

To achieve the goal of having an outdoor garden and landscape that is eye-catching in Melbourne, you will need professionals to conduct the design and installation of the outdoor lighting fixtures. You can contact us on (03) 9532 0681 or visit our website for any inquiries and more information.