By Brian

All buildings are subject to moisture intrusion, thermal loss, and electrical equipment failures. So, how can you track such problems in advance to avoid major issues? One of the reliable solutions is to seek thermal imaging services whenever the need arises. For instance, this service will come in handy if you intend to buy or sell a house and require a detailed inspection report.

When it comes to electrical scrutiny, Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors has been offering Thermal Imaging inspections throughout Melbourne, for many years. Our team uses high-quality equipment that can detect electrical faults in your home or businesses electrical wiring, switchboards, switches, and various other equipment.  

Here are instances when you should contact a service that uses thermal imaging technology to inspect vital areas of your premises.

Electrical System Inspection

Fisher Brothers Electrical are the company to contact when it comes to any work or inspection of your electrical system

Like other systems in your home, your electrical system can malfunction when you least expect it. But due to the current over-reliance on this system, it is crucial to assess its condition regularly. One reliable way to check this is through thermographic inspection technology. Thermal imaging cameras can pick up any anomalies as they appear distinct on the camera screen, Electrical problems are often hazardous and could lead to a fire. So, when you contact Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors, our technician will identify any issues and fix them immediately before they develop into a severe problem. They will focus on the conductors, circuit breakers, outlets, and switches.

Remember, electrical issues are rarely identified visually, so the only way to protect everyone in the building and its surroundings from disasters is by spotting problems before they occur. Those working from home will also benefit from this service because the inspection will prevent unexpected downtimes.

Thermal Imaging is used by tradesman in various other industries and instances

Moisture Detection

This technology has helped many property owners identify water damage in floors, ceilings, and walls. A technician checks the difference in temperature between a dry and wet area in the same surroundings using the gadget. It can detect moisture issues that would not be seen during a standard visual home inspection. You can also use this technique to identify areas where your insulation contractor did not insulate properly.

Plumbing Inspections

The condition of your plumbing system can be checked using thermal cameras. During the inspection, the tool will provide images of possible leaks on the pipes. Note that the drainage and water pipes for modern houses run over the home and get worn out in time. Also, the pipe can sustain damages due to vandalism or natural disasters. When this happens, you can expect the freshwater or wastewater to start leaking on various parts of your building. While this situation may seem harmless at first, things can worsen over time because you will be working or living in a hazardous environment.

Thanks to thermal imaging, you can detect these problems early enough and remedy the faults right away to prevent property damage. The gadgets will detect leaks inside the walls, under the floorboards, or above the ceiling. The water in the pipes usually has a varying temperature with the outside air, so that is how the cameras will identify the leaks.

Insect Activity Assessment

If your structure is built using wooden materials, insects can easily cause damages. Luckily, you can confirm an active infestation with the thermal imager technology. Usually, active insect activity, like that of termites, produces a significant amount of heat that can be seen using an infrared camera. This comes in handy if the infestation occurred recently, as it will be easy to stop the pests before they cause structural damage.

Energy Audits

If your power bill has been increasing in recent months, but you are not sure what the cause could be, you should consider contacting a company who has this technology available. It will help you save money by detecting cold air influx and/or heat loss early enough. The cameras can easily identify energy-wasting areas that are causing the dramatic change in your energy consumption.

So, if you need this service for any electrical requirements, do not hesitate to call Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors today! Our technicians are always ready to help and always offer reliable services.