By Brian

Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors: we are a competent and professional electrical rewiring contractor company in Melbourne providing a wide range of electrical rewiring services for different types of both new and old commercial properties and homes. We understand that rewires need to be completed fast to ensure the safety of your business or your home.

Home and business rewire typically come at an inconvenient time. They can be time-consuming and expensive. It results in high levels of anxiety and stress. You need the services of electricians who are highly trained and skilled. Our company prides itself in being able to provide the best home rewire services. We understand the importance of delivering quality electrical services.

The infrastructure of your business or home should keep up with the demands of the expansion of electrical devices. Updating your circuitry and wiring is part of upgrading and expanding your electrical infrastructure. Is your home or business experiencing faults related to your electrical wiring? If so, you need to call us to inspect your wiring and safely meet your electrical system needs.

Services provided

Fisher Brothers Electrical team can work on different kinds of rewiring projects, including:

Switchboard upgrades

Older homes and buildings pose a higher risk of electrical fires and electrical shock because they have rewire-able fuses. Modern switchboard installations come with electrical safety switches installed that immediately isolate the circuit to prevent an electrical fault. Our team of professional electricians will do all your electrical switchboard upgrades and wiring to your commercial property or your home.

Safety switch installations

Safety switches help prevent injuries and deaths related to fires. A safety switch supplies electricity to cables that go to power outlets. It ensures the amount of electricity going in matches the amount of electricity coming out. Our team of electricians will perform quality and effective safety switch installations to ensure your home or business is safe from fires.

Electrical pit installations

Pit installation is a word used in the construction industry. It refers to the process of constructing trenches under the ground surface to lay different conduits. Our company provides electrical and communication services to provide each structure or building with the electricity needed to power household appliances safely.

Main overhead conversions

New distribution systems should be placed underground, more so in residential areas. Homeowners and property developers must pay for the differential cost of placing such systems underground. Our company has the necessary skills to offer underground construction services to minimize damage caused by snowstorms, ice, high winds, and falling trees.

Main upgrades

An electrical upgrade is necessary, especially if your home or commercial building was built many years ago, meaning that the electrical system is outdated. We will provide you with the best electrical service upgrade to ensure the amount of power coming into your house is of the recommended amount.

A team that guarantees quality workmanship

Here at Fisher Brothers Electrical, we have a team of rewiring specialists working on all types of homes. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, professionalism, and service. Our team primarily focuses on providing quality electrical services to property owners in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

We provide our services at an affordable price. Call us today on (03 9532 0681) and talk to our customer service representative. We will provide you with a free quote and answer all your questions quickly and professionally. We offer the best advice because we have many years of experience and knowledge in the electrical industry, particularly rewiring homes in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

We are a certified and compliant company with Australian Standards and Energy Safe Victoria regulations. Once you schedule an appointment with us, we will come to your property and remove all the old battens, conduits, and cabling. We will also remove and replace your power outlets and light switches. It does not matter if you have just bought an old property or want to renovate an existing one; we are the right team to hire for your electrical rewiring project.

We are a highly skilled company for all your electrical rewiring work across Melbourne for professional and cost-effective services. We are competitively priced and guarantee to offer quality workmanship. Whether it be an electrical socket, an electrical fault, or a complete rewire, Fisher Brothers Electrical is here to help. Call us today on (03 9532 0681) to know more about our services and book an appointment.