By Brian

Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors Home and Business Security in Melbourne consists of a team of professionals whose focus is to ensure that you do not have to worry about your home or business security. We offer a wide range of safety and security services to builders, businesses, and property owners. Our team will provide you with installation, programming, testing, and commissioning services for your security requirements to ensure that you feel completely safe at work or home.

Our team of security specialists will give you professional advice and walk you through the various security service options. Call us today on (03 9532 0681) and have all your questions answered by our experts. We have the best customer service and have earned a good reputation over the years of delivering the best service unequalled within the industry.

Our services

Our home and business security services include

  • IP rated CCTV systems
  • Analogue CCTV systems
  • Audio activated protection
  • Home security alarm systems
  • Monitor sensor activated
  • Gate and door exit and entry systems
  • Security lighting
  • Fingerprint activation devices
  • Crystal Clear communication
  • Easy to operate systems
  • Adjustable cameras
  • Superior picture quality
  • Surface and flush mount systems
  • Monitored functions
  • Warranty on all products
  • Wireless systems
  • Digital recording

We provide professional security systems installation services in Melbourne. We offer the best access control solutions for our clients using modern technology. We have established good partnerships with suppliers and clients to ensure we provide top-notch services and products. We deliver the best products and services to our customers in terms of cost and quality.

We offer a wide option of security systems

At Fisher Brothers Electrical Home and Business Security in Melbourne, we design, install, upgrade, and maintain a wide range of home and business security systems to meet your specific needs and budget. From video surveillance systems for complex enterprises to simple camera solutions for homes and small offices, we have everything to cater for your requirements.

Security systems surveillance solutions provide documentation for businesses and protect homes reducing crime. We are a leading service provider of the best home and business security systems solutions for homes and businesses. We can install a security surveillance system that provides visibility to your entire facility or home to keep your family, employees, and properties safe.

Every business or home has specific requirements when it comes to security. We have the necessary experience to partner with you or your company to develop the best security solution. Our company has a security development team that guides you down the right path. We conduct an evaluation and assessment to understand your project’s scope, functionality, and requirements. From our many years of experience, we have the necessary technical expertise to offer custom-built systems that fit your needs.

We come up with solutions to match your needs

There are a lot of home and business security solutions and services available on the market. It can be overwhelming to identify the right system. We provide security consulting services and offer tailor-made security systems that deliver maximum coverage and protection to suit your budgetary and functional needs. We understand that no two commercial or home security systems can be the same. We are careful and thoughtful in our design processes to develop solutions that match your security and layout requirements.

Fisher Brothers Electrical home and Business Security in Melbourne offers security solutions at an affordable rate. The price varies depending on the number of cameras you need, building type, and location. We are centrally located and offer our services in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We are a fully licensed and insured company. We guarantee to provide quality services.

Customer satisfaction and quality workmanship is our primary goal, and we will provide you with a security system that will last a lifetime. We use the best technology to install top-performing systems. Our work is guaranteed and comes with an installation and manufacturer warranty to provide our clients with peace of mind. We are the best commercial and home security system installers in Melbourne.

We provide security services and products around Melbourne. We are a leading family-owned security company large enough to cater to residents within the surrounding areas and small enough to meet the needs of every client. Our experienced staff has extensive knowledge to implement and install customized security solutions. They are also aware of different product ranges to advise you accordingly. At Fisher Brothers Electrical, we follow the set Australian standard regulations in the security industry. Contact us today at (03 9532 0681) for any questions and book an appointment.