By Brian

Security camera systems are essential in protecting your home or commercial property. Security camera CCTV systems are available in a wide range of image resolutions, integration abilities, and usability. Some cameras are best suited indoors, while others are ideal for use outdoors. In addition, some cameras can tilt, pan, and even zoom in to get broad coverage where they are installed. Fischer Brothers Electrical Contractors in Melbourne offers the best services in installing and maintaining security cameras both in homes and businesses.

Advantages of installing security cameras

Modern CCTV cameras have evolved over a long time to change how individuals protect and monitor their homes or business. They can offer a whole host of benefits to residents, businesses, workers, and in the protection of valuables. The following are some of the advantages of security camera installations in Melbourne.

1. It helps prevent theft and other criminal acts

Installing security cameras in your home or business is essential in boosting the outdoor security of your property. CCTV cameras can deter thieves or burglars who may be planning to break into the site. A security camera makes an individual think twice before committing any crime in their vicinity. It also presents as a deterrent to potential intruders to your property.

2. Helps monitor activities at home or business

Individuals can also use security cameras to monitor the activities in their homes or business environment when they are not around. For instance, a parent can check on how his/her kids are doing at home while they are away at work. The remote monitoring feature makes it easy to check on their pets at home by using mobile technology. Additionally, one can use these cameras to check how their business is run by employees or staff. You can also easily monitor visitors’ activities in your workplace, which gives you and your employees some peace of mind.

3. Provides a way for collecting evidence.

If a crime takes place at your home or business premises, the security cameras are very vital as they offer a means of evidence collection to understand precisely what happened. Law enforcement officers can even use the recordings to solve crimes quickly by identifying the suspects, arresting them, and even in recovering any stolen property. Highly advanced CCTV cameras with voice and audio can be used to provide evidence in courts during trials.

4. Has some insurance benefits

Most insurance companies tend to charge lower premiums on properties with security camera systems since it reduces the risks of theft and burglary. Homeowners can shop around for variable discounts based on having a professional home security installation. Besides, when making insurance claims after a robbery, you can easily use the footage from your cameras to validate the insurance claim.

Importance of a qualified security camera installation expert

Getting a qualified security camera installation expert in Melbourne is essential in helping you achieve the objective of securing your home or commercial premises. Fischer Brothers Electrical Contractors has highly competent experts who have all the necessary knowledge to complete a professional camera installation. They know and understand the various lenses on offer, such as zoom lenses or wide-angle lenses. A qualified expert can help you with lens selection which will be most appropriate for your purpose.  Selecting either a 2.8mm or 4mm lens will provide a viewing angle of 90 degrees and 75 degrees, respectively.

Why are Fischer Brothers Electrical Contractors the best?

Fischer Brothers Electrical Contractors are the best security camera installation company in Melbourne for several reasons. These include.

1. Excellent customer service

Fischer Brothers Electrical is a customer-oriented company. We understand the importance of customer service, so our staff is always courteous and friendly when you call. Our security experts also offer professional service in a timely and convenient manner.

2. Great products

The company deals with certified products which come with a minimum warranty of 12 months from the manufacturers. We also offer maintenance and monitoring services at affordable prices.

3. Solution-oriented

Our company has a variety of top-quality security camera systems and alarm solutions and products. We offer recommendations on solutions that match the customers’ needs and budget. We also give all potential customers the necessary feedback about security systems that will help them.

4. Highly qualified staff

Our staff undergoes regular training sessions to keep them up to date with the trends in security camera systems and other related work.

Fischer Brothers Electrical Contractors offer many other services, including home automation, lighting and maintenance, audiovisual and domestic electrical services. For help with any of these services, be sure to contact us through the number 03 9532 0681.