By Brian

According to the latest research, most people are afraid of electricity and have good reasons for that. The consequences of being electrocuted can be profoundly serious and even life threatening. As electricity offers many benefits in your home or business it is wise to employ a qualified electrician for all electrical repairs and maintenance. Electricians are trained to be cautious when dealing with all issues that concern electricity.

Electricians in Melbourne are required to serve an apprenticeship of several years before they can take the state exams and be certified as a qualified electrician. The training they receive not only teaches them how to install, service and maintain electrical installations, but most importantly, to respect electricity and always safeguard the job or repair site before commencing their work.  

Before we dive deeper, what does an electrician do?

Just in a few words, an electrician is a specialized tradesman/tradeswoman specialized in electrical wiring systems. Their key responsibility is to design, install, troubleshoot, and maintain all-electric power systems, communication systems, and control systems.

What services do electricians in Melbourne offer?

Design and install electric power systems

In residential or commercial buildings, an electrician is provided with the task to design and fit all the electric equipment and systems.

Maintenance and repair

Over time, the existing electrical system like the switches and cables will tend to wear out. It is an electrician’s mandate to see to it that they are well replaced and in good shape for perfect functionality.

Electric upgrades

Occasionally in every home or business, performing an upgrade is very essential. Not only does it make the apartment up to date but upgrades also enhance the functionality and performance. Electricians are the best to consult when you need to perform electric upgrades.

Installation of lighting fixtures, fittings, and fans

We all love beautiful home designs. Lighting fixtures play a major role in ensuring that this is achieved. Additionally, electric fittings like the switches should be well fixed for easy functioning and operation. 

Under what circumstances will you need to call an electrician in Melbourne?

Due to costs many people are doing more and more repairs in their homes themselves. It can be quite satisfying when you manage to complete a repair yourself and save all the expense of employing someone. However, when it comes to electric matters, this would not be recommended. Not only would you be endangering your life, but you possibly could worsen the situation and do more damage to your property. In most states in Australia, it is illegal to attempt to repair anything electrical unless you are a qualified electrician.

Circuit breaker problem – Old circuit breakers are prone to malfunctions. It is however recommended to call an electrician and not try fixing it yourself.

Outlet issues – It is understandable to have more plugs than the available outlets. Plugging in more extensions could overload the circuit breakers and increase the temperature in the cables. Calling an electrician to add more outlets and balance the distribution board would resolve this issue.

Outdoor work – Thinking of adding more lights in the garden or at the pool? Calling an electrician to do this for you would be highly recommended. All outdoor joints and connections need to be properly sealed to avoid water or moisture seeping inside and causing your earth leakage switches to trip.

Old electric system – If you have an outdated electric system, calling an electrician to inspect and repair the system would be the smart thing to do. An electrician will have all the testing equipment to ensure your installation is safe and in good working condition.

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