By Brian

Air conditioning systems are very essential in keeping your home warm during the winter and cool in summer. Air conditioning systems from Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors provide high energy-efficient options for climate control for homes and businesses in Melbourne. The company offers a wide range of systems ranging from small ones ideal for domestic homes to larger ones ideal for commercial work spaces. Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors provide professional air conditioning installation services in Melbourne and other surrounding areas. Fisher Brothers Electrical services includes emergency and maintenance services for all air conditioning systems.

Types of air conditioning systems and services

1. Split systems

The split system air conditioning is ideal for the Australian weather and building designs. Being a small indoor unit, the split system can fit anywhere in the house. Additionally, the compact outdoor condenser can be positioned anywhere in the balcony or garden or even mounted to an external wall. The wall-mounted system comes with features that allow your home or business premises to experience clean and filtered air throughout. Some of these features include the anti-microbial indoor fan, allergen air filtering systems, and huge temperature operation range. The unit offers optimal air conditioning that meets the demands of most people in terms of budget.

2. Reverse cycle air conditioning

This system offers heating and cooling benefits throughout the year and is suitable for all seasons. It fits the weather conditions in Melbourne that always keep changing. The system offers an appliance that solves all heating and cooling problems in a home or business with the touch of a button. It offers high energy efficiency when compared to other electrical heaters. In addition, it comes with a high-quality air filtration system that gets rid of bacteria, pollutants, germs, allergens, dust, and any other bad smell. This makes the system ideal for city living in Melbourne.

3. Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is an excellent option for cooling your entire home quietly. The system can be installed in a new home or customized to fit an existing house, and just the controller, return air, and discharge grilles are noticeable after the installation exercise. All major brands can be installed, and repairs and services can be performed by our technicians. The different types of ducted air conditioning systems include premium inverter ducted, inverter ducted, and slim-line ducted.

4. Multi-head split system

A multi-head system is whereby a single outside unit controls many indoor split units across a home. Each indoor unit heats and cools its room while the outdoor unit controls all the interior units. When there is not enough room for many outdoor units, multi-head air conditioners are the way to go. This maximizes comfort by allowing you to regulate the temperature in each room to your preference. Multi-Head Systems can also help you save money on your energy bills by only heating and cooling the rooms that are really in use.

5. Air conditioner installation and service

Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors are always available to help install an air conditioner in your home at any time. Our professionals are well equipped to install your system quickly so that you can enjoy the comfort of warm or cool air in your home. Additionally, the company’s air conditioner services make sure that the installed system is regularly maintained for optimal functioning throughout the year. The technicians also offer duct cleaning services to ensure you breathe fresh air free from dust and other harmful bacteria. Call them anytime for any of these services.

Why Fisher Brothers Electrical are the best for air conditioning installation in Melbourne

The following are some of the reasons that make Fisher Brothers Electrical the top company for the installation of air conditioning systems and other services;

1. The company has excellent customer support who are friendly and courteous when answering any questions about air conditioning. This way, customers can get the relevant information before deciding on the air conditioning solution for their home.

2. They have highly trained professionals who undergo regular training to update themselves on the latest trends about air conditioning.

3. They are honest and transparent with their pricing and customers get to know the complete costs before they start working.

4. The company technicians are always committed to their work with lots of dedication to delivering excellent results to customers

Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors offers the best air conditioning installation in Melbourne and its environs. Feel free to reach out to them on (03) 9532 0681 when in need of these services.