Electrician Laverton North

In most homes and businesses, many devices such as television sets, hot water systems, lighting bulbs, and audio systems use electricity to function. It is essential to check these devices from time to time to ensure that they are functioning properly. A qualified electrician should check them to avoid any electrical faults and if any device is faulty, it needs to be repaired or replaced. When you encounter an electrical fault in your home or business, you need to seek the services of a skilled electrician in Laverton North to avoid encountering further damage.

How an electrician can help you in Laverton North

An electrician installs and maintains wiring, installs lighting systems, and inspects electric components like circuit breakers. The electricians at Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors can install, and check that all your electrical devices are working well.

The services an electrician provides

With everybody trying to do everything by themselves, many home projects are considered DIY. However, not everyone can handle electrical projects. It is prudent to have a qualified electrician check all your electrics. Our electricians are trained in handling electricity and have experience in dealing with any electrical fault that can occur. Our services include:


  •     Installing surge protectors
  •     Looking for electrical faults
  •     Wiring and rewiring
  •     Installing indoor and outdoor lights
  •     Installing alarm and surveillance systems
  •     Installing ceiling fans
  •     Installing LED lighting

Light Installation

Good lighting enhances the ambiance of a space or room. To have good indoor and outdoor lighting systems, look for a qualified electrician to install lighting systems for your home or business area. Our crew can help you choose lighting solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. We can provide you with information about the best kitchen, garden, bathroom, and outdoor lighting systems.

Security and alarm system installation

The security of your home or business premises is of utmost importance. Alarm and security systems protect your home or business area from burglars and intruders. At our company, we have experience in installing alarm and security systems. We can position the security cameras strategically so that you can see every corner of your home and know what activities are going on when you are not around.

Installing CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras improve the security of your property. Find a qualified electrician in Laverton North to fix your CCTV cameras. Our crew is trained in installing CCTV cameras that use thermal imaging and infrared technology.

Electrical rewiring

There are times when you require a rewiring job done at home or in the business area. You need to rewire your property if the wiring has aged and cannot meet the demands of modern electronic equipment and appliances. A skilled electrician should handle your rewiring job. Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors is certified to handle rewiring jobs efficiently.

Advantage of hiring a dependable domestic electrician in Laverton North

Electricity needs to be handled with care and this is one of the reasons why you should hire a dependable domestic electrician. A reliable electrician has the correct tools and expertise to solve any electrical problem. Our crew is well trained and has the correct tools for handling all electrical malfunctions that can happen in a home or business premises.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging involves using infrared cameras to identify any faults on an electronic device. The faulty device changes color when a thermal imaging camera is used, and this helps electricians to identify faults on electronic components easily, making repair work simple. Our crew uses thermal imaging techniques to identify faults on electronic devices, thus saving you time and money.

Home automation

Automating the lighting and security system of your home with modern technology enables you to have a comfortable, convenient, and easy life. Our electricians can automate your heating, cooling, and CCTV security system into one integrated system.

Installing a TV and audio system by an electrician in Laverton North

Audio systems and home theatre installation need to be done by a professional. Balancing the sound system of your home can enable you to enjoy music with comfort. Therefore, a skilled person should install your TV and audio system. Our crew can install your audio system properly to give you that wow effect.

Hiring an electrician when renovating your home

As you renovate your home, it is advisable to hire a skilled electrician who can check and determine if all electronic devices and cables are working properly. After renovation electric faults can occur due to cables being tampered with. Therefore, an electrician needs to check all the cabling to avoid any mishaps.

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