Are you looking for an experienced electrical contractor? Professional electricians are businesses oriented, and they offer both residential and commercial electrical services. These electricians are highly trained and can solve all electrical issues without any problem because they have invested heavily in their equipment of work. Here are some of the main services offered by Electrician Chadstone.

Wiring and rewiring services

If you’ve just built a new home or are considering having your home rewired, then you should engage a professional contractor. That’s because these experts are well-trained and experienced to handle such tasks. You can also consult Electrician Chadstone if you have an old home that requires electrical rewiring to help accommodate your newly-acquired appliances. Furthermore, replacement of your electrical wiring might also be a recommendation by your electrician after a routine electrical inspection. You should ensure that you consult a licensed and experienced contractor to prevent any electrical issues in the future.

Light installation services 

Installation of electrical equipment and lighting fixtures are usually quite complicated and do require expertise. That is because one simple mistake might create complications and eventually lead to unwarranted electrical faults and risks. Because the process involves the use of high-power-consuming equipment and lights, the wiring should utilize high-end materials such as joint boxes, switches, and wires. All the electrical connections should be properly sealed and waterproofed during the installation process, and you can only achieve that through a professional electrician.

Alarm and security cameras installations

Generally, alarms and security systems for commercial and residential properties use complicated connections from the switchboard. However, professional electricians are experienced and trained to install, and repair different electrical items such as security alarms, fire alarms, and CCTV installations. In Australia, the law requires the individual performing electrical work to be a licensed electrician. Electrical Chadstone is a trusted service, especially when it comes to alarm installations because they offer these services conveniently.

Thermal imaging services

Electrician Chadstone can carry out all your electrical installations, repair, and maintenance tasks, including thermal imaging services. Thermal imaging refers to a reliable and noninvasive way used to detect and document any anomalies found in a facility. It allows individuals to see the temperature changes of different electrical equipment in your home or in a commercial building. The imaging equipment will show different colours that represent different temperatures. This non-contact and non-destructive technique are often used by professional electricians to promote early detection and reduce any chances of fires.

Electrical inspections

It is recommended to have commercial premises and residential properties inspected by electrical contractors after a specific duration of time. Most regulatory bodies are keen on commercial premises obtaining an inspection certificate from time to time. However, these inspections should not be carried out just to get the certificate of inspection but to prevent future electrical issues as well. If you would like such an inspection, it’s crucial to consult only electrical professionals affiliated to licensed and reputable electrical contractors.

You can contact a licensed electrician for the electrical services highlighted above and any other electrical need to keep your home or business premises safe. 

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