By Brian

There is no doubt that lighting can completely transform the appearance of your home and assist you in adjusting your daily schedules. But before you can enjoy these benefits, it is vital to ensure the installation work is handled correctly, preferably by a seasoned contractor in your area.

One of the best and most reliable companies you can consider for light installation in Melbourne is Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors. Our outdoor and indoor lighting range will assist you in creating a conducive atmosphere for everyone in your home. Usually, we offer a wide range of lighting solutions to our customers and ensure we use the best energy-saving benefits and reliability. So, whether you would like to find a suitable theme, have modern trends, or make a bold statement, your requirements will be met when you work with our electricians.

Our 35 years of experience in the industry makes it easy for us to help our customers express their tastes and preferences. So, we will help you express your personal style and ensure you find a suitable lighting solution, be it classic, traditional, contemporary, or vintage. Some of the services we offer to our Melbourne customers include:

Free Quotes and Consultation

Before we take on any light installation project in Melbourne, we provide all the information our customers need to make informed decisions. So, the first thing we do is encourage our clients to contact us for a free consultation. This allows us to share ideas for the project and determine the client’s requirements. We can even send one of our electricians to your home to understand the scope of the projects and your needs better. All this enables us to determine the best way to handle the work once it is assigned to us. So, feel free to get in touch, and you will get a free consultation and detailed quotation.

LED Lighting Solutions

If you are looking for outstanding LED lighting solutions for your project, you will like our products. We take pride in being the fastest-growing LED lighting supplier in Melbourne, and you can be sure you will love our range of products. Mostly, we specialise in LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED strip profiles, LED garden lights, commercial LED lights, LED outdoor lights, LED strip lighting, and so much more.

Indoor Lighting

Would you like to bring more light into your home, automate the current lighting system, or upgrade the fixtures? Let Fisher Brothers Electrical handle your indoor light installation in Melbourne. Our goal is to make sure your lighting requirements are met and boost energy efficiency. We also ensure you take pride in your living space once the work is done by helping you design a customized lighting system and install it. You can also rely on our team to upgrade or automate your lighting – no job is too small or too big for us. So, if you need services like recessed lighting installation, LED upgrade, Chandelier installation, light fixture installation, track lighting installation, light automation, or specialty light design and installation, be sure to call. We also offer lighting repair services, so don’t be tempted to DIY.

Pool Lighting

Those looking to illuminate their pools and enhance the ambiance for evening parties, or any nighttime swim will need pool lighting. However, water and electricity should never mix, so you must ensure the installation process is done properly so you can enjoy the environment without putting anyone at risk. Fisher Brothers Electrical team can help you actualize your dream and guarantee your home’s safety. Some of the types of pool light we can install include incandescent, LED pool light, and RGB lights.

Garden lighting

You can brighten up the exterior of your home with garden lighting from Fisher Brothers Electrical. This project often involves installing post lighting, spotlighting, patio/deck lighting, or flood lamps. After the lighting project is complete, your landscaping decor will be highlighted, and you will add safety to your property. So let us handle your garden lighting project to enhance the appearance, comfort, and functionality of your home and discourage criminals from trespassing.

Any project involving light installation in Melbourne can be done properly, provided you work with seasoned professionals. Fisher Brothers Electrical Contractors can help, so get in touch right away! We look forward to assisting you in brightening your home in all possible ways!