Fisher Brother Electrical can further compliment any smart home by installing the latest in smart home technology.

Smart home design begins with Push by Schneider Electric; the most intuitive, affordable and scalable control system available on the market today.

Push creates seamless connected home. With one simple control like a tablet or smartphone, you can operate virtually any electronic devices. The result is greater connectivity, simplicity, comfort and control. Learn more about Push Controls.

PUSH for your Lighting control

Forget running from room to room turning lights off, or paying for power you’re not using. Push simplifies your lighting and gives you complete control from one device.

Switch your lights on/off, dim light levels and programme lighting and to suit your mood, while enjoying energy-efficiency benefits.

PUSH for your Audio-visual control

Today’s modern home is often equipped with numerous audio-visual (AV) devices; TVs, DVD players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes and more.

Push creates harmony by streamlining everything to work from one device, at the simple push of a button.

PUSH for your Security control

Don’t worry about leaving the front door unlocked or the windows open at night. Activate your security system from your bedroom or anywhere in your home.

Push can also control cameras, locks and intercom – making protecting your home, family and possessions easier than ever.

PUSH for your Automated blinds control

Push can control your blinds; open or close, individually or altogether. Improve energy efficiency and have greater control of ambient light and temperature. Link blinds and lighting control to create “scenes” in your home.

PUSH for your Climate control

Enjoy the perfect temperature throughout your home all year round with Push. Simply set your air conditioning to the exact temperature you want.

PUSH for your Energy-management control

See exactly how much energy you’re consuming and where. Push allows you to gain a better understanding of your energy consumption, so you can monitor, manage and mitigate your expenses.