The team at Fisher Brothers Electrical DOMESTIC understand that home rewires can be an expensive and time consuming ordeal. They usually come around at the most inconvenient time and most of the time the works have to be completed fast due to the safety of your home and your family.
This can create a high level of stress, anxiety and pressure for you and your family.
This is the time that your choice of tradesperson is of the upmost importance. Your home needs highly skilled and trained electricians and your family deserve the best.
The team at Fisher Brothers Electrical DOMESTIC know the importance of electrical safety in your home and we pride ourselves on being able to offer and deliver to you the best rewire service available. Fisher Brothers Electrical DOMESTIC team have both the experience and the expertise, we ensure that we deliver a highly professional service in a fast amount of time when the pressure is on.
Our team are experts at making the process simple and easy, we work hard to remove all the stress and make the experience a simple and enjoyable one.


Our goal is to ensure that all the works are completed in a minimal amount of time, reducing the stress and the interruption to your busy life.

  • Our quotes are free, our service is friendly, our costs are more than competitive and you will be impressed from the moment you pick up the phone to speak with our friendly staff.
  •  All our works are certified and fully complaint with Australian Standards and Energy Safe Victoria.
  • We will remove all of the old cabling, conduits and battens.
  • We will remove and replace all your light switches and power outlets.
  • We will ensure the safety of your home and your family.

Rewires can create a lot of reasonable questions, and you deserve the right answers and the best advice available. Our team will provide you with all the answers to your questions, our answers and our advice is based on years of experience and knowledge in the electrical industry in particular rewiring homes all over Melbourne and Victoria.
Whether you have just bought a property with old and ‘dodgy’ wiring, your beginning a renovation or the day has just finally come and it’s time to get the rewire done, Fisher Brothers Electrical are the exact team to call. Fisher Brothers Electrical are here to help you.

  • Do I need a rewire ?
  • Have you been told your house is unsafe ?
  • Are you experiencing lights flickering?
  • Power outages ?
  • Fuses blowing ?
  • Circuits or safety switches tripping ?
  • Strange smells ?
  • Rodent problems ?
  • Do you have black rubber cabling?
  • Do you have cotton covered cabling?
  • Is your switchboard compliant?
  • Do you have safety switches ?

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