A4-KW1380Safety and security is integral in today’s society.

Simply by knowing who’s at your front door or who’s been to your front door is important not only for your personal safety but also for your peace of mind. Security and convenience means having a sophisticated intercom system which allows you to see, hear and communicate with exactly who’s arrived, so that you can then allow or deny access with ease.

Access for a guest can be confined to your front door or gate and can also be layered to integrate entry to a carpark, main building and lift access to a designated floor. Smart intercom and access control integration means you can achieve all of this at the touch of a button without from safely inside your home or premises.

With the support of our trusted suppliers of world-class intercom systems featuring the latest in digital hands-free and colour video technologies Fisher Brothers Electrical can deliver quality systems with confidence

From single-door solutions to multi-storey apartment complexes, Fisher Brothers Electrical can provide an intercom package tailored to your needs.