Thermal imaging inspections are a preventative maintenance application that can measure and ascertain electrical installation faults before they cause system failures and electrical switchboard fires resulting in expensive repairs, replacement costs and shut down periods in the workplace.

Thermal Imaging Services are essential for any person or business that relies on their electrical equipment to be running safely, in good order, without faults and for general peace of mind.

Using the latest in Thermal Imaging cameras and software from FLIR camera systems Fisher Brothers Electrical will remove electrical switchboard covers, distribution board covers and machinery plate covers to expose the wiring systems and components required to carry out testing.

Fisher Brothers Electrical thermal image testing can provide thermographic surveys and inspections on any item that emits heat. From electrical switchboards to electrical machinery components, anything that is above zero degrees we will test and identify.

Using our fault finding techniques we can analyse for electrical faults and hotspots and will produce a fully detailed report specifying irregularities found, including the images as recorded by our equipment. Fisher Brothers Electrical will then use the report and advise the customer of any required repairs and preventative maintenance.

Our experienced and highly trained team can carry out any repairs that are required quickly and with minimum interruption to the electrical supply.

Using infrared Thermography as a diagnostic tool is a condition monitoring technique that measures the radiant heat pattern emitted from a body, such as building structures or plant & equipment. This technique will determine the regions or exact points of increased or reduced heat emissions, which can indicate the presence of any potential electrical faults.

Fisher Brothers Electrical thermal testing and electrical fault finding services pay for themselves, saving you the head aches of breakdowns, electrical fires and downtime.

Our thermal and infrared testing services include:

  • Building insurance compliance
  • Identify potential equipment/component failure
  • Identify irregularities in loading
  • Prevention of electrical fires and explosions
  • Inspect component integrity
  • Determine loading condition of equipment
  • Conduct Visual inspections of each electrical switchboard and distribution board.
  • Conduct Visual inspections of each electrical component.
  • Provide condition reports that will clearly identify items such as;
  • Broken door hinges,
  • Excessive heat,
  • Build-up of dust/dirt,
  • Vermin proof,
  • Unsafe conditions,
  • Discoloration of electrical components,
  • Circuit identification,
  • Condition of distribution board legends,
  • Clear local access area.
  • Test and inspect plant and electrical equipment
  • Reduce costly breakdowns through preventative maintenance
  • Electrical fault finding,
  • Carry out electrical repairs and maintenance.